Suggested Neighborhoods

ASF will only serve as a co-signer on rental agreements in the following suburbs:

Condesa: pricey, trendy neighborhood, home to two nice small parks, restaurants and bars within walking distance, small boutiques, shopping center nearby, not close to metro, centrally located, very yuppie.

Roma Norte: busy mix of residential and commercial, heavily damaged during the earthquake of 1985 and in the process of being renovated, very possible to get a good deal on an  apartment, centrally located, mix of buildings from the Porfiriato and run-down modern buildings, good public transportation, very bohemian.

Roma Sur: reasonably priced, middle-class Mexican neighborhood, busy during the day, good traditional Mexican market, close to shopping center, movie theaters, restaurants, and bars, good public transportation- although no good metro station, mixed demographics.

San Miguel Chapultepec: very residential, mix of old and new houses, middle class, quiet at one end of the neighborhood and much busier as you near Parque Lira, moderately priced, close to Chapultepec, very close to ASF, close to everything, no restaurants, separated from Condesa by a busy avenue.

Del Valle: middle class neighborhood, one of the largest neighborhoods in the city, borders one of the largest streets in the city –Insurgentes. It has nice parks, close to restaurants, movie theaters, two major shopping centers, good public transportation, although not close to a good metro station, home to the World Trade Center, maybe a neighborhood where a family could find a small condominium with a bit of a backyard.

Polanco: pricey upper-class neighborhood, very busy during day, home to major companies, public transportation is not as good as other neighborhoods in this category, two nice small parks, major churches and synagogues, Masaryk Street runs through the middle and is home to high-end designer stores (Chanel, Hugo Boss, etc.), major hotels, trendy restaurants and expensive bars, close to Chapultepec Park, close to museums, home to 2 movie theaters- one is an art movie house, home to two malls.