Recruitment Fairs

Applying During International Hiring Fairs

As one of the largest international schools in the world, ASF actively seeks qualified teachers, counselors and librarians who are deeply committed to developing the IB learner profile in our students. International schools, because of visa requirements and other host country legal requirements, often need information that would not typically be part of the application process in the U.S. Those we meet at international fairs obviously will not have completed this online application; that can be done later. All employees must complete the ASF application form. It is more than appropriate to let ASF know your interest in a specific opening before we meet you at a fair.

International hiring fairs have hundreds of applicants that a school may be considering. We are often asked, "What do the principals or directors look for in a resume at an international fair? In order for our heads of school to process and consider applications complete during international hiring fairs, the following information needs to be included in your résumé or attached to it. It is information that we require within the application form.

  • Indicate the position(s) you are applying for
  • Name as it appears on passport
  • Date of birth (age), nationality(ies)
  • Name, nationality and age of accompanying partner (spouse, significant other, etc.), even if he/she will not be employed by ASF
  • Number of accompanying children, nationality and each child's age, regardless of whether they enroll at ASF
  • Any relationship to ASF employee(s) (i.e. identify relatives/friends already working at ASF)
  • If you previously worked at ASF, please provide the details
  • Work experience as customary in résumés
  • Education background as customary in résumés
  • Your current teaching certificate and/or other credentials, always identifying the title, issuing state/province, relevant grades and/or subjects, training (IB Diploma, MYP, PYP, AP) and expiration date (MM/YY).
  • Recent professional references that include phone, email, and the reference's position when supervising your work. You are also welcome to scan relevant documents in your possession.
Please send the above to as one electronic (PDF) attachment.

Thank you for your interest in ASF, a great place to work!
Our leadership team interviews prospective teachers at several recruitment fairs in the United States. We also host a local recruitment fair every year in Mexico City.