Invoicing policies

All invoices must describe the goods received: their unitary price, the quantity, and the total price. The following information must be included in the original documents.

  • Name or commercial name
  • Legal address
  • RFC*
  • Place and date of issue*
  • Total with the IVA listed separately*.
As of January 7, 2016 our billing address is as follows:

The American School Foundation A.C.
Bondojito #215 Colonia Las Américas
Delegación Álvaro Obregón C.P. 01120
México D.F.

*This information is not necessary for international purchases. Make sure you include the “The” at the beginning of the name of our institution as well as the “A.C.” at the end.

According to Mexican policies, all invoices must be electronic. It is mandatory to send the PDF and XML files to the address Both files must come in the same email (do not send them separately) and both must have the same name, which cannot have blank spaces between characters. The system rejects files that come in download links or .ZIP formats.

Please be sure you send these files electronically each time you deliver an order. Do not wait for us to request the files. No payment will be processed until the invoice is received.

In addition to the files, it is mandatory to deliver your merchandise with two printed copies of your invoice. One remains in the warehouse and the other will be stamped with the date of payment and you will keep it as proof of delivery.