How to become an ASF supplier


ASF is a changing institution in need of products and services of different kinds throughout the year. To get information on specific bids or needs, visit the Business Opportunity section where we update the information of products or services we may require.

Please read carefully the invoicing, payment and delivery policies on this site. We only accept suppliers that can work in respect and accordance with these policies. Once ASF determines that your product or service covers a special need of the institution, please, complete the following steps to be part of our supplier network.

1. Schedule an in-person interview.

2 . Fill out the “International Suppliers Form” or the “Alta de Proveedores Nacionales”, whichever corresponds to the nature of your company. Note that the fact that you complete these forms does not mean ASF will use your product or service.

3. In the case of local vendors, attach the following documentation and send it to the Purchasing department along with your completed form. The omission of any of these documents may mean your form is not accepted.


  • Copy of tax ID
  • Copy of RFC 
  • Copy of proof of address
  • Copy of the cover of your bank statement
  • Copy of Business registration document
Copy of power of attorney
  • Copy of ID of legal representative

In the case of specific bids or products, more information or documentation may be required. In this case, it will be described on the official announcement published on our website.

Important: If you are an individual (not a company), please read our privacy notice before filling out any of the following suppliers form.


International suppliers form

Local suppliers form