Bidding information

Here you can find the general process to bid for any of the announcements posted in our business opportunities area. This information is only the general process for all of our bids but the requirements can be as extensive and specific as the needs of the project itself.

1. Please review our business opportunities section to see which bids are available. An invitation letter, the basis and a questionnaire will be online. Download the three documents with the description, scope and minimum requirements of the project.

2. Send a letter of intent to the Purchasing Department before the deadline established on the announcement in a closed envelope along with the following documentation:

  • Copy of tax ID

  • Copy of RFC
  • Copy of proof of address
  • Copy of the cover of your bank statement
  • Copy of business registration document

  • Copy of power of attorney
  • Copy of ID of legal representative
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Audited financial statements
  • Any governmental requirements according with the service contracted (they will be specified on the announcement)
  • At least three reference letters from previous companies you have worked with.

3. The announcement will indicate two weeks during which you will be able to request two personal meetings. The first week of meetings will be for general questions and the second will be to clarify specific topics. The information will serve you to better prepare your technical and economic proposals.

4. Deliver your economic and technical proposal to the Purchasing Department. Both proposals must come in a sealed envelope. No offers will be accepted after the deadline established on the announcement.

5. You will be invited to a third meeting in which you will be able to present and explain your proposal to a panel made up of specialists on the project. Depending on the contracted service you can support your proposals through the use of samples, demonstrations, electronic devices, images, videos, etc.

6. The selected company will be formally notified and will be invited to a final meeting to review the terms of the contract and its signature.

7. The selected company must begin on the date established on the announcement.