Visiting University Representatives

Who to contact

The ASF contact for admissions representatives for universities outside of Mexico is:
Rachel Dillon
College Counselor


The ASF contact for admissions representatives for Mexican universities is:
Gabriela Lobo 
US Psychologist



When to visit

The best time of the day to visit ASF is during office brunch and office hours break from 9:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. or during the lunch break from 12:40 p.m. - 1:10 p.m. Please check with Rachel Dillon to confirm a time.

To know

An announcement for your visit will go out in the Upper School news bulletin for students and in the weekly email blast to parents and we do not ask for attendees to confirm attendance in advance. We have a conference room that is equipped with a projector and screen if you would like to use it during your visit or you may choose to meet in the college counselor’s office. You maybe also have a table in the lunch area, and present your university “college fair style”. We don’t make a practice of keeping multiple hard copies of brochures in the counseling office so please feel free to pack lightly!

School Profile

Please click here to view the ASF Upper School Academic profile.


Bondojito 215
Col. Las Americas

ASF is located in the “Observatorio” area of the city east of Santa Fe, and west of the Polanco and Reforma areas where many hotels are located. Traffic is unpredictable and using a “sitio de taxi”, a private driver are your best options for getting around.



Other school visits in the city

Many university representatives may want to consider visiting additional schools in Mexico City during their visit.


Where to stay

Polanco/Reforma hosts numerous luxury hotels like the W, the JW Marriott, the Hyatt Regency, St. Regis, and the Four Seasons and is centrally located in relationship to the schools you will likely be visiting while in Mexico City.

Centro Histórico also is home to several nice hotels (and great rooftop restaurants) and while very charming, is less convenient in regards to location. It might be a better option if you are also planning to stay in the city for a weekend.

Zona Rosa/Roma/Condesa are a popular areas due to their beautiful parks and architecture as well as for their restaurant and bar scenes. There are many boutique type hotels and upscale “bed and breakfasts”. These neighborhoods are also centrally located in regards to the schools.