Tips & Tricks

When you arrive in Mexico City, we hope these few tips and tricks will guide you and facilitate your stay. The following points will get you familiarized with all you need to make the best of this journey. 

Even though Mexico is known for its friendly and caring environment, make sure to stay as safe as possible by considering the following:

  • Always keep belongings close to yourself
  • Avoid holding valuable things in open pockets
  • Be extra vigilant in public transport
    • Use your front pockets
  • In public places try to move around in groups rather than individually
  • We recommend a three person buddy system 

Meeting others:

  • Always approach people with a cheerful attitude, but just say “no gracias” when they offer to sell you something or ask for money. You will have an opportunity to buy souvenirs at the Mercado de Coyoacan during the week
  • Make sure to learn a few basic phrases in Spanish which will immediately introduce you to the kind hospitality 
  • Say “buenos dias”, “buenas tardes” or “buenas noches” depending on the time of day 
  • If in any case you get lost, do not hesitate to ask people for directions, but just order in an Uber if you feel unsafe.

What to take advantage of while exploring the city:

  • The wide range of foods and exotic flavors that you come across 
  • Watch out for street food: salsas and fruit will have been sitting in the sun for a while. 
  • The alluring landmarks and culture
  • Practice your Spanish wherever you can!
  • Get a few souvenirs for yourself or friends and family

Be aware of the fact that Mexico City is not actually a beach destination, so make sure to bring along warm clothes as well. We have the four seasons in a day.

Restaurant Recommendation:
El Bajio is a Mexican restaurant located in either the Sheraton Hotel or the “Centro Comercial Santa Fe.” There is also a variety of restaurants in the Centro Comercial as well as in the Parque la Mexicana.