Mission Statement

ASFMUN directly stems from the mission of our school. It is an academically rigorous, international experience that encourages love of learning, purposefulness, and global responsibility. 

As representatives of a changing world, our model encompasses:

A caring, inclusive community that connects talented students across the globe while also pursuing local interconnectedness through our conscience program. We strive to act with thoughtfulness and humanity in addressing local issues within an international perspective, hopefully to promote equity and change.

Academic Excellence: ASFMUN blends an American and Mexican curriculum to inspire delegates to grow in their interpersonal relations with others in and outside committee sessions and in their intellectual curiosity as they research, prepare and find solutions to critical global issues. Our committee topics were carefully chosen to analyze not only the issues regarding violence and sovereignty which permeate news media, but also the complexity and sometimes failures of our institutions, our ideologies, and our own humanity.

We find that empathy as key for an integral education is the bridge between intention and action. ASFMUN attempts to build empathy through real-life experiences first, then through cooperation in the formal simulation, ultimately seeking that students develop their own agency.