International Press Conference (IPC)

The International Press Corps (IPC) is a committee dedicated to representing and honoring the role that diverse media outlets have in the digital age of international conflict mediation. While having an active MUN Press Team has long been part of the ASF tradition, this is the first year that IPC Delegates will be tasked with actively reporting on the different developments of ASFMUN International committees and defending their political tendencies through quality journalism. Delegates will be representing a variety of prestigious, politically diverse news sources from around the globe and posting their articles live, mimicking the media coverage of United Nations summit and engaging in various forms of debate and characterization of the different topics that the conference will cover.


Luz Maria Guerrero

Rodrigo Lozano

Alonso Muñoz

Topics for this committee must be directly related and encompassing discussions and resolutions in other committees of our ASFMUN International Conference. 

IPC Background Guide

International Press Corps
News Sources Delegate
Fox News Daniela Waisser
CNN Violeta Cisneros
The Atlantic Walter Kim
Al Jazeera  
Vox News Miriam Specka
El País  
The Economist Andrea Anabitarte
Buzzfeed Dora Wang
China Daily Antonio Liu
The Guardian  
Al Arabiya  
Times of India  
Russia Today