Ad Hoc Committee

ASFMUN’s ad hoc committee is one of the most challenging ones in the conference: if delegates are looking for a place to put their skills to the test, this is the right committee!
This small committee, consisting of the countries that are generally involved in almost any world issue, requires delegates to become masters of their country’s foreign policy and its presence in the UN as of recent. Delegates are expected to come in with a full command of everything concerning their politics and their relation to the UN, and will not find out the topic of debate until the first committee session has begun. The topic will be selected from the UN’s most recent agenda items, which is why it is essential that delegates are well-informed. The usage of laptops will be limited to ensure no delegate comes in without their proper preparation.
Not a crisis committee, the ad hoc committee is more focused on staying up to date with the U.N as of current, and challenges delegates to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in this intergovernmental organization, as well as their own national positions.


Alejandra Diaz Pizarro

Montserrat McCoy

Jeronimo Gutierrez

Topics will be announced in committee. Make sure you are well versed as an expert of your country. 

Ad Hoc Background Guide

Ad Hoc Committee
Country Delegate
Brazil Emilio Martinez N
Chile Jose de Yturbe
China Viviana Morales
France Alejandro Carregha
Germany Alejandro Robles
India Pablo Alcocer
Japan Sebastian Castaneda
Mexico Christian Atherton
Russia Matson Holmgren
South Africa  
Turkey Gal Bezek
United Kingdom Alberto Adissi Mizrahi
United States Amy Im
Uruguay Abraham Cohen Djamus