Our Program

Model United Nations at ASF is an incredible opportunity for our delegates to step out of their bubble and evaluate what is happening around the world. We believe the experience is essential for an integral education since any type of privilege carries a huge responsibility. 

In today's globalized society, no matter what each person wants to do, the interconnectedness of our world not only promotes a sense of shared-citizenship, but also contributes to the issues we see reflected on a day-to-day basis.  The international conference of Model United Nations at ASF offers young adults an opportunity to build a greater global community by encouraging cross-generational and diverse friendships, and by exposing participants to social realities that might see so far from them, but can be found next door. 

Conscience Programme
Throughout the conference week, the delegates will have the opportunity to take part in a series of service learning modules and experience what Mexico City has to offer first hand. These activities will allow delegates to interact face to face with the issues that will be discussed during conference. There is no greater way to understand the consequences of these issues if we don't take action. The conscience programme modules offered on March 4th will provide knowledge that will hopefully inspire each participant.