Academic Overview

All students follow program requirements for the United States high school diploma, with optional coursework available through other programs listed below. In order to graduate students must complete course units in English, a language other than English, humanities, lab science, math, arts and design, coding, health, physical education and electives. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in any of the following programs available to enhance their education experience:

  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: The IBDP is a two-year program that offers students advanced level work across six subject areas. Students may choose to enroll in the Full Diploma Programme or in individual IBDP courses. In some cases the IBDP coursework or diploma can be used to earn university credit. Additional fees are required for the Full IBDP and for individual courses. 

  • Advanced Placement: Students may choose to enroll in individual AP courses or pursue the AP International Diploma or the AP Capstone Diploma by completing the required courses and exams for each program. AP courses offer advanced, college-level coursework, and in some cases, the possibility to earn university credit by achieving a certain score on the AP exam. Additional fees are required.

  • Mexican Program: This program offers students in the Mexican program validation of coursework for entry into public and private Mexican universities. Students who successfully complete the required courses will receive a SEP certificate. Students who wish to receive the UNAM certificate will need to pay a registration fee in Grades 10-12.

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Head of Upper School

He has served as a classroom teacher, a Department Chair, and as Instructional Chair for Social Sciences and Humanities. Recently, he has served with the Academic Innovation and Instructional Team and the Educational Technology Team, creating continuity and vertical alignment between the middle and upper schools in terms of curriculum, program planning, and strategic direction.


Jeff Whittard


Meet the Upper School team

academic dean

Rafael Vázquez

Dean of students

Lorenza Sordo

college counselor

Rachel Dillon

US PSychologist

Gabriela Lobo

activities specialist

Jennifer Byrnes


Adrian Tostado

grade 10 counselor

José Luis Altamirano


Gena Barsotti

Grade 12 counselor

Fernando Hadad