Service for Academic Inclusion

  1. Identity and address of the Responsible:

The American School Foundation, A.C. (hereinafter “ASF” or the “School”), with address at 215 Bondojito St., Las Americas, Alvaro Obregon, 01120, Mexico City, Mexico.

  1. Data to be processed by the School:

As part of ASF's SAI program, the School may collect and process the following information:

  • From the student(s): identification data (including his/her image whether in photograph, video or any other similar format), contact, academic, sensitive personal data (medical, psychological, adjustment, developmental and recreational history).

  • From parents and/or guardians: identification data (including photograph, video or any other similar), contact, sensitive personal data (medical history).

Likewise, we inform you that in order to comply with the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, the School will collect and process sensitive personal data, such as those that may reveal aspects such as health, psychological and developmental status, present and future. Such information will allow us to understand the student's behavior, which may be a reflection of factors that occurred during pregnancy, birth and the family situation in which he/she develops.

Additionally, we inform you that the School may take images (photograph, video or any other similar) of i) interviews with the student and/or parents or guardians, ii) meetings and/or virtual and/or in-person tours, iii) academic activities and iv) psycho-pedagogical support activities in which the student's parents or guardians may or may not participate, in order to ensure the safety and best interests of the student, which may only be consulted by persons exercising parental authority over the student, by School personnel and, if applicable, with third parties with the prior written approval of the student's parents or guardians. Such recordings will be deleted at the end of the corresponding school year. If you have any doubts regarding this data processing, please contact the School's Data Privacy Office at

  1. Purpose of data processing:

ASF will process your data for the following purposes necessary to comply with the obligations arising from our legal relationship:

  1. Primary Purposes:

  • To validate the information and/or documentation of the student, parent and/or guardian.

  • To make the necessary arrangements for registration and admission to the SAI program.

  • To carry out the necessary activities to provide the student with academic inclusion services, promote their full development and contribute to their integral formation. 

  • To carry out video surveillance recordings in and around the school's facilities for the safety of the entire ASF community.

  1. Secondary purposes:

In case you do not express the contrary, the School may process your data for the following secondary purposes:

  • Take images of you either in photographic, video or any other similar format, to make internal and/or external publications, either in print and/or digital media, on the School website, ASF social networks, plasma screens within the School and the yearbook.

  • In case you don’t want your data to be processed for the secondary purposes mentioned above, you have the right to refuse the process for such purposes through the procedure established in this Privacy Notice. In case you don’t refuse the process of your images/pictures, either photographs, video recording, or other similar means for the secondary purposes mentioned, the School understood that you have granted your consent for the use of your images/pictures, according to the Data Protection Law (Ley de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares) (“Law”) and articles 17 and 19 of the Civil Responsibility for the Protection of the Right to a Privet Live, Honor and Self Image Law for the Mexico City (Ley de Responsabilidad Civil para la Protección del Derecho a la Vida Privada, el Honor y la Propia Imagen en el Distrito Federal). You have the right to revoke your consent for the use of your image/picture at any time.
  1. Transfer of the data:

The School, in order to fulfill the purpose(s) described above or other those required by law or by the competent authorities, will only transfer the necessary data in the cases legally foreseen.

  1. Means and procedure to exercise your ARCO rights and/or revoke your consent and/or express your refusal to the processing of your data:

You have the right to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition ("ARCO Rights"), as well as to revoke your consent to the processing of your data that we possess and/or to express your refusal to the processing of your data, by sending a letter addressed to our data protection department to the e-mail, which must contain:

  • Name of the holder and address or other means to communicate our response;

  • Current official identification of the holder and, if applicable, of his/her legal representative (IFE, passport, professional license).

  • A clear and precise description of the data for which you are seeking to express your refusal of processing; and

  • The manifestation of your refusal for the processing of your data

If you do not express your refusal for the processing of your data within 5 (five) business days after the acceptance of this Privacy Notice, it will be understood that you have given your consent for the processing of such data. You may exercise your right of revocation of consent or opposition to the processing of your data, if you do not express your refusal to the processing of your data, prior to the delivery of these or their use, following the mechanism described above.

Your request may be made in writing or through the ARCO Rights Request prepared by the School, which is available on the website and contains all the elements mentioned in the preceding paragraph. In order for the Privacy Committee of the School to be able to attend and process your request, you must correctly prove your identity, so it is necessary that you complete all the fields indicated in the ARCO Rights Request and accompany it with a copy of the corresponding documents indicated in said Request. In the event that the information/documentation is erroneous and/or insufficient, ASF may require the missing elements to process your request, within 5 (five) business days following the receipt of your request. You shall have 10 (ten) business days to comply with such request, counted as of the day following its receipt. If you do not respond within this period, it will be considered as not submitted. In the event that your written request is correct and contains all the necessary elements to process your ARCO right request, ASF will provide you with a response within 20 (twenty) business days following the date of receipt of your request. If your request is granted, it will be effective within 15 (fifteen) business days following the date on which the response is communicated to you.

When you make use of your right of access to your data, they will be sent to the e-mail address you have indicated in your ARCO request or delivered physically to ASF address.

  1. Options and means to restrict the use or disclosure of your data:

You have the right to restrict the use or disclosure of your data (other than your ARCO rights or to revoke your consent), by sending an email to The requirement to validate your identity, as well as the procedure and response time to respond to your request will be governed in accordance with the provisions of Section 5 above. If the event that your request is accepted, the School will register you in the exclusion list for the purpose(s) for which the exclusion is applicable.

  1. Privacy notice updates:

ASF reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time. Such modifications will be available to the public through the website We encourage you periodically visit out website to stay informed about such updates or modifications.

  1. Governing language:

In the event of any dispute arising from this Privacy Notice, the Spanish language version must govern this Privacy Notice.

Last update: August 08, 2023