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Privacy notice for parents – ECC students

Identity and Address of the Responsible Party

The party responsible for processing your personal information is The American School Foundation, A.C. (hereinafter referred to as “the School”), domiciled at 215 Bondojito, Col. Las Américas, Álvaro Obregón, 01120 Mexico City, Mexico.

Personal information handled by the School

The School as part of the registration process of students, parents, guardians, legal representatives, and other third parties that are related to the School, may collect and process the following information:

1) Identification information:

  1. From the student: Full name, date of birth, place of birth, address, home telephone number, family members with whom the student lives.
  2. From the student's relatives:
    1. From the father: Full name, occupation, company name, email, cell phone number and signature.
    2. From the mother: Full name, occupation, company name, email, cell phone number and signature.
    3. From his / her sibling (s): Full name (s), age and school he / she attends.

2) Health information:

  1. From the student: Family circumstances that may affect the student, conditions of birth and the first years of life, if he/she has been separated from his/her mother during the first year of life, characteristics of his/her physical development, accidents or serious illnesses, allergies or negative reactions, adaptation in other schools, physical evaluations, preferred activities, circumstances that produce anxiety, disappointment or frustration and his/her treatment, parents' description of him/her and characteristics that allow others to better understand the child.
  2. From the mother: Development of pregnancy stages.
  3. Student and Relatives: Activities they enjoy together, as well as the guidelines that are important to develop or follow as a family.

Also, we inform you that, in order to fulfill the purposes of the relationship mentioned in this notice, the School will collect and process sensitive personal information that may reveal aspects such as present and future health status. This information will allow us to understand the behavior of your child, which can be a reflection of factors that occurred during pregnancy, birth and the family situation where the student develops.

The School is committed to treat such information under strict security measures, that guarantees its confidentiality.

Primary purposes

The School will process your personal data for the following purposes necessary to fulfill our obligations derived from our legal relationship.

  • In case of emergency, to reach the student’s parents.
  • To understand the behavior of your child, which can be a reflection of factors that occurred during pregnancy, birth and the family situation where the student develops.


In order to fulfill the above referred purpose(s) or any other purposes required by law or by the competent authorities, the information required will only be transferred in the cases provided by law.

Means and procedures to exercise the ARCO rights and revoking consent thereof

You or your personal representative may exercise, at any time, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (hereinafter referred to as “ARCO Rights”) as well as to revoke the consent for personal information treatment by sending an email to the Privacy Committee of The School to the following email address:

Such request should be made by completing the ARCO Right Exercise Application drafted by The School and available at and which contains all the elements required to fulfill the request according to the standards. In order for the School Privacy Committee to serve your request, you or your legal representative should provide sufficient proof of identity, therefore, all the blanks contained in the Application should be completed and a copy of the effective official identifications required therein shall be attached.

If the information provided in the Application is wrong or insufficient, or if the relevant proof documents are not attached, the Committee may request, within five (5) working days as of receiving the application, the documents required to serve the same. You will have ten (10) working days to serve the request, as of the day following the date on which you received the same. If a response is not provided within such timeframe, the request will not be considered submitted.

For more information on the procedures, requirements and deadlines for the exercise of your ARCO Rights and/or revocation of consent, contact the School Privacy Committee.

Limitation and/or disclosure of personal information

You may limit the use or disclosure of your personal information by emailing a request to the Committee to the following email address: The requirements to show proof of identity, as well as any procedure to serve your request shall be governed by the same criteria contained in the foregoing item. 

If your request is considered viable, the committee will record it on the exclusion list for the purposes for which the exclusion is applicable.

Changes to privacy notice

This notice may be changed or amended at any time by the School and such changes or amendments shall be informed through its website and/or through national newspapers.

Last updated: August 2015