Friends Meeting
Friends Meeting

On the initiative of our dear school, The American School Foundation, we are working on forming a group of retired personnel who worked for fifteen or more years at the school!

The objective of this group would be that those of us who are in this situation may continue to feel part of the school community and be in touch with it and with our friends, and companions with whom we have shared so many moments of joy, work and why not say it, frustrations and sadness.

As a first activity we organized a Friendship Day breakfast on February 15 at a popular restaurant close to school. To this activity we are happy to say 32 people were able to accompany us making it a happy reunion. We shared memories and exchanged experiences of what we are currently doing. It was a lovely and nostalgic moment. Those who attended retired in different years but we were so glad to see. We were also accompanied by Elisa Penela and Laura García, representatives of the school.

At the same time and through memories, we were able to feed into and update the database in order to make it more comprehensive and stronger.

The vision for this group is precisely to encourage the sense of belonging to our dear institution where we spent such an important time of our lives and not to feel that once it is time to retire we are no longer a part of it. We can continue to help support it with our experiences.

Another objective for this group is to continue encouraging the friendship of its members and continue in touch with our colleagues and friends through a vast variety of activities such as breakfasts, dinners, going to movies and the theater, visits to museums, excursions and trips, and taking courses that can help improve our mental and physical health, our finances, our social and family life and keep us active and optimistic.

This first start is organized by Babette Levy, Paloma Velez and Clemen Aguilar, but we want others to participate proposing and coordinating other activities you think could be interesting; we will gladly help coordinate it.

Let's keep our friendship of so many years alive through this group!

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships". Abraham Lincoln