Founders' spirit lives large in ASF school values
Founders' spirit lives large in ASF school values

February 22 is the day the United States celebrates the birthday of its first president – George Washington – so it's an appropriate day for The American School Foundation to celebrate its founders.

On this date 95 years ago, a cornerstone was placed at ASF, which was then located on the corner of San Luis Potosí and Insurgentes in Colonia Roma. That cornerstone was later moved and it can now be found in Founders' Garden.

Founders' Day is a relatively recent ASF tradition. To celebrate what is now considered the school's anniversary, students who represent ASF values are recognized, along with a parent, a faculty member, and for the first time this year, a staff member too.

From the Lower School, Betelihem Essa received the Cain award for appreciation of diversity and Nicole Smyth the Lamm award for culture. From the Middle School, Luz María Guerrero received the Clifton award for love of learning and Amadahy Schultz the Files award for showing initiative. From the Upper School, Jorge Alberto Rada received the Davis award for risk taking and Erik Daniels the Wright award for generosity. The ECC was awarded the Orrin award for community and the Cummings award for leadership. ASF mother Marcela Romano received the Founders' Day parent award for truth, while Lower School teacher Rob McCabe received the faculty award for justice and Gabino Ramírez the inaugural staff award for understanding.