Middle School Photography Club Virtual Exhibit 2021

The Middle School Photography Club was formed in September 2020 and consists of students from Grade 6, 7, and 8. It came together by the eagerness of its members to learn new techniques in taking photos and refine the talent that each of them already had.

The club has met every Thursday over the last few months to study new concepts, shoot photos, and share what they have taken with other members of the group. The organization is led by two faculty advisors, Mr. Mark Bishop, and Mr. David Paredes

Today, the members of the Middle School Photography Club are delighted to share the results of their hard work from the first semester with the ASF community.

This exhibit is divided into multiple categories by different photography techniques, such as "Lines", "Color", and "Self-Portrait". Feel free to open any section of the exhibit and enjoy the photos!

If you are a Middle School student and would like to join for semester two, please email either of the faculty advisors.