Middle School Photography Club Summer Virtual Exhibit 2021


The Middle School Photography Club was formed in September 2020 and consists of students from grades 6, 7, and 8. During the first semester members worked on learning a variety of compositional and technical photographical techniques. Over the second semester, its members have been working on their "photo essays", which are defined as "telling a story through photographs". This can be a particular emotion, a narrative, a memory, a political stance, or a call to action. 

Today, the members of the Middle School Photography Club are excited to share their work with the ASF community. This exhibit is divided into different themes, depending on the student's choice. Through these photographs you will explore the cycle of creation and destruction, the daily life of a dog, nature, nostalgia, water, abxisting, and the peace of Minecraft. Feel free to open any section of the exhibit and enjoy the photos! 

If you will be in Middle School during the 21-22 school year and would like to join, send an email to either Mr. Mark Bishop or Mr. David Paredes.