Visit the WALL OF FAME!

Have you heard about the Collaborators’ Wall of Fame?

At ASF we have such a close and tight-knit community that many of its members choose to spend a major part of their life here on campus.

For this reason, the Human Capital, Project Management, and Communications Offices, along with the Executive Office, decided it was necessary to recognize these community members who have thrived at ASF for several years.

The Wall of Fame is just that: a recognition of the years of service that members of staff spent helping pursue ASF’s mission for several years.

Who exactly is recognized on the Wall of Fame?

Members of our personnel who worked at ASF for 20 to 50 years.

Those with seniority of 40+ years have been given the ASF Forever status. And you can see their pictures on the Wall of Fame!


When was the Wall of Fame Created?

This year, 2022, at the Staff Appreciation Ceremony, an annual event held at the FAC that recognizes employees’ seniority.

Each year, the Wall of Fame will be modified to add new members of our staff who are worthy of this recognition.

Can everyone in the Community come visit to see it?

Of course! 

Come to the First Floor of our Administrative Building and see it for yourself!