US Students Kick Off the MUN Conference

Upper School students, parents, faculty and staff filled the WEC this morning for the opening ceremony of the 2019 MUN Conference, focusing on our commitment to the environment. After the traditional parade of Grade 1 students waving the flags of different countries and a teaser of the Rent musical, beginning on April 4; guest speaker, Pati Ruiz Corzo, took over the microphone with the opening speech.

Ms. Ruiz Corzo is a Mexican activist and environmentalist who works passionately for the sustainability of the ecological and local environments of the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve. She has dedicated her life to preserving the flora and fauna of the region, and to empower its local people. Her work in the Sierra Gorda has earned her multiple awards, including the United Nations Environmental Programme Champions of the Earth Award; the National Geographic Award; and the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. 

During her speech, Pati reminded us of how important the Earth is, as it provides us with all the resources we need to live and thrive but lamented how we are destroying the planet at an alarming rate. She made a call to action to the community, encouraging students to take up active roles and be of service. Her powerful message earned her a standing ovation, as she broke out in song and the students cheered and clapped.