Trick or Treat! 10th Anniversary of ASOMEX Debate

By Roberto Jones, Stanislaw Ostyk-Narbutt and Dora Wang.

While the pandemic is pushing people apart, ASF Debate strives to connect students more than ever before by bringing back the annual ASOMEX Halloween Debate Tournament. On its 10th anniversary, we celebrated a decade worth of discourse by facing the best schools from Mexico City against each other, and even some visitors from Peru. With ten schools, 120 debaters, and the help of our wonderful teachers and administration, we shined the light on what the world considers taboo.

Students debated a mixture of prepared and impromptu motions, all centered around stigma. From home funerals to erotic violence, the bravest high schoolers took charge of settling controversies and clashes which permeate our daily lives. Nonetheless, debaters know how to have fun. In Harry Potter themed teams and costumes, we competed for the fabulous ghost-shaped trophies and jack-o-lantern medals as we sought the prestige of wrecking another teams arguments with more robust evidence, ghoulish strats, and some bone-chilling styles. Over the course of a week, in classic Halloween-fashion, debaters balanced costume competitions, school life, and debate preparation in a never-ending desire to speak up and unleash their voice!

We recognize the following winners:

  1. Best Varsity Speakers:
  2. Daniel Mendes (Edron)
  3. Nanami Haruyama (ASF)
  4. Mariana Icaza (ASF)
  5. Regina Delgado (Churchill)
  6. Hee Kwang Lee (Edron)

Best Novice Speakers:

  1. Lucas de Gamboa (ASF) - and top speaker in the entire tournament!
  2. Carolina Warring (ASF)
  3. Maria Neumann (Churchill)
  4. Kennedi Munson (ASF)
  5. Akassia Molina (ASF)

Our ASF Team, Hermione Granger (Mariana Icaza, Luz Maria Guerrero, Valentina Casasus, Alejandra Hernandez, and Nanami Haruyama), shined as second place in the overall tournament against the ruthless Luna Lovegood from Prepa Tec Esmeralda (Isabella Verde Zuñiga, Mariana Lama Alfaro and Natalia Juárez Chávez). This all-female final discussed issues with collective guilt after crimes against humanity or environmental destruction, concluding that the benefits of collective guilt trump its impact on individuals. 

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