Speculating about the future: Students Create an Incredible Audiovisual Experience

Eduardo Xavier García, Industrial Design, Transmedia & Video Production Teacher, was the leading voice in this incredible project by Upper School Students, and the FAC Staff and Operations team created the outstanding setup of this exhibition. 

Teacher Eduardo challenged students to think about possible future scenarios in accordance with Speculative Design, which is grounded speculation of what reality could look like, based on what we know today.

“Students developed projects in digital 3D spaces with this concept in mind,” explains Teacher Eduardo. “They then critiqued a specific part of society and then speculated about a possible future or outcome. Students did not simply “invent” these speculative scenarios, but had to conduct some research to uncover what the tendencies are in the given area they chose to investigate. These include socio-economic divide, climate change, use of fossil fuels, plastics, amongst other critical topics”.

Some students decided to go solo and work independently, creating their own themes using the tools available to them in Cinema 4D.

This experience surely left every attendee in awe! Congratulations Upper-School Artists!