Three ASF Students Achieve Rare “Perfect” AP Scores Worldwide

Our students score high world-wide!

Today, we would like to congratulate: Sergio Kuri ‘21, Javier Mico Crum ‘22, and Viviana Morales ‘23 who not only scored the highest AP score in their exams but represent a select group of students who were able to earn every single point possible on an AP Exam. Congratulations! What a spectacular achievement.

Students achieved maximum points in all AP sections of the following exams (Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams are usually scored from a scale of 1 to 5). 

We want to send out a special recognition to our hard-working and dedicated AP teachers, among them, Sloan Starke, who was Sergi Kuri’s AP Research Instructor, and to our incredible faculty in the Spanish Language and Culture department.  

We are so proud of our students and faculty and we stand today to recognize this incredible recognition by the AP International Board, world-wide.