Ideas worth spreading: Fourth Annual TEDxYouth@ASF ‘22

Author: Adam E Smith, Humanities in English Head of Department

We are proud to announce that - on September 24, 2022 - ASF successfully held the fourth iteration of the TEDxYouth@ASF event! 

TEDxYouth@ASF is a completely student-run program that looks to promote “ideas worth spreading”. After the 2020 version was relegated to a virtual event because of the global pandemic, the 2021 event was limited to 100 people because of COVID restrictions, we were thankful to host the event once again in the ASF Fine Arts Center with over 230 attendees.

This year’s program featured nine Upper School students, two Upper School Faculty talks and an outside speaker. Topics ranged from Art thinking, to women in STEM, to the consequences of sexting, to the death of cinema. In addition, TEDxYouth@ASF 2022 featured two performances from the Jazz Band, a live music performance, and the TEDxYouth@ASF animation produced by our own Sebastian Ospina, Upper School Senior.

In many ways, TEDxYouth@ASF can be seen as a culmination of an ASF education. Our leadership team, consisting of 11 Upper School students, worked very hard to put together an exciting, professional program. The event had two separate caterers who provided beautiful and delicious food during intermissions, which attendees enjoyed while discussing the talks.

The team showed real leadership qualities in guiding our speakers to deliver engaging talks, organizing volunteers and securing facilities, promoting our program, and pursuing sponsorships. Our speakers articulately delivered their thought-provoking talks which led to some critical discussions during and after the event. 

All TEDxYouth@ASF talks will be edited, produced, and uploaded to the TED website and Youtube. Once these videos are available, we will send an update to the ASF community! If you want to watch any previous talks or learn more about this year’s speakers, check out our website

Stay tuned for more content in the coming months!