Talented Students Take to the Stage!

Before leaving for the winter break, Lower School and Middle School students took to the stage of the FAC, for a series of stellar performances including theatre, music and magic!

In Lower School, there was student from every grade performing. In addition, there was a participation by Diego Zaragoza, Director of Academic Affairs, Olivia Maekawa, LS Music Teacher and Sofía Hidalgo, LS TA. The presenters were teachers who also carried out a small act on stage as a transition between one act and another, in sequel to the previous year. This year, they played elves who wanted to reform and now pull "good" pranks, instead of “bad” ones like last year.

In Middle School, the members of STUCO led the ceremony, the theme was MS's Got Talent and there was a table with four teachers who were "judges" although naturally they said that everything was amazing and therefore didn't deliberate on a winner. Between each act, the STUCO members performed a magic trick with letters and there was participation of all MS grades. There was also a video traditionally made by teachers, this year was "Avengers: ASF Game", a kind of parody / sequel to Avengers Infinity War.

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