Sports Media: A Growing Profession

On Monday, March 11, Indiana University, a soccer powerhouse in the United States, used the soccer field at ASF for a training session. The team brought with them, the Sports Media students who are covering Indiana's playing tour in Mexico City this week. At noon, in the WEC, John Sutcliffe, of ESPN fame, and the Sports Media students from Indiana University, met with a group of Upper School students to discuss Sports Media as a profession.

John Sutcliffe, an ASF parent and top sports journalist for ESPN shared his experience in the profession. Later in the afternoon, IU Sports Media students spoke to our students about pursuing a Sports Media major at the university level. ASF is very grateful to John and the IU students for attending this event. Peter Tattersfield, an ASF parent and IU alumnus was instrumental in putting this event together. 

Peter Tattersfield 

IU Soccer Team Lunch