ASF Student Cristina Iglesias Attending the World Championships in Sailing for the Mexican National Team

MS student, Cristina Iglesias started sailing back when she lived in Brazil at 6 years old, and now, this summer, she will be going to Turkey from June 27 to July 7 to participate in the World Championships in Sailing representing the Mexican National Team.

“I was giving up, but my parents and my coaches kept on insisting. I moved last year here to Mexico and started sailing again… and now I’m going to the World Championship for the first time!”

She currently practices in Valle de Bravo.

Cristina is thankful to ASF because she finds our School taught her about persistence and focus, skills that are very helpful when sailing. When she first arrived at ASF, she had trouble speaking the language and finding herself around the school and her classmates, but ASF taught her to keep on going and do her best in everything she does.

So why sailing?

“My maternal family is very close with sailing and watersports”, says Cristina. “I started doing it because of my grandpa”. This is why it has become something very important to her.

And surely, sailing is an important discipline within her family since Pedro, Cristina's brother in Grade 9 and player in Junior Varsity, is also a sailor. He is the actual champion from Mexico City state under 19 years old, and the 1st in Mexico under 16. He earnt a place in the Youth European Championship in Poland back in June. 

ASF is really proud of Cristina and Pedro. Congratulations on your great achievements and good luck in the upcoming competitions!