Sebastian Ospina wins Scholarship for Performance: CCA

Last summer of 2022, Sebastian Ospina, ASF Senior, attended an animation class at the California College of the Arts (CCA). His work and performance earned him a 40,000 USD scholarship.

Sebastian first learned of the CCA summer course through his brother, who heard about the program at ASF's College Fair. 

He applied for the class and attended from July 7 to August 3, taking 6 hours of class daily until his final project: a 20-second animated short film. After which, he was selected as the only person from his class to win this scholarship.

In an interview with him, he confessed that, initially, he had decided not to apply for a scholarship, he did not need it and his family decided to give another person the chance to get it. But his excellent work at CCA was still worthy of this great prize.

Sebastian shared with us that he owes this in big part to Mr. Eduardo Xavier García, Upper School Arts and Technology teacher here at ASF. It was he who first introduced Sebastian to 3D animation and some of its key features: texture, lighting, and rendering. Sebastian applied these skills as extra work in the short film that made him the winner of the CCA scholarship.

"Mr. García... such a great teacher," he says.

While Sebastian does not know yet what his next steps will be on his career path, he knows for sure what his dream goal is: to own an animation studio that, maybe, one day gets booked by Disney.

At ASF we are very proud of Sebastian and we are sure that, with his incredible skills, he will accomplish incredible deeds.

Congratulations Sebastian!