Raising Awareness about Learning Differences

On May 28 at 4:00, an exhibition titled Diséxitos, el lado genial de la dislexia y el TDAH was inaugurated in the Fine Arts Center (FAC), highlighting the trajectory of successful Mexicans with dyslexia or ADHD. The exhibition narrates the experiences of outstanding Mexicans and how they have overcome their differences and learning difficulties and used them to their advantage.

This project was organized and created by Felipe McCoy and Casilda Barroso, both former ASF students, and consists of a photographic exhibition that allows visitors to approach the sensory experience of dyslexia and ADHD. The photographs are accompanied by a podcast that tells Felipe and Casilda’s stories and how they coincide with those of the interviewees.

This project was possible thanks to the help of a group of professionals and students aware of the need to help sensitize the educational system and our society for the special needs and unique advantages of people with dyslexia and ADHD.

Participants include Roberto Hernández (Ex-Chairman of Citi Banamex), Michel Rojkind (internationally recognized architect), Martha Debayle (Radio Host, Businesswoman, Editor), Benny Ibarra (Actor, Producer, Singer), Andrea Cesarman (C Cubic firm, Design Mexico), Mercedes Arellano (Plastic Artist), Jorge Henríquez (Entrepreneur, Real Estate), Javier Mancera (Political Consoltent) and Rodrigo Tirado (Researcher and Academician of the ENAH).