Parents Surprise Students on Children's Day

For the third consecutive year, over 70 parents came together in a wonderful display of community effort to produce and perform a play to surprise students on Children's Day.

This year, the production team decided to present their own version of "Alice in Wonderland", and put their heart and soul into bringing Lewis Carroll's fantastic story to life. Parents were fully in charge of all the different roles, from script writers to actors, singers and dancers, set, graphic and costume designers, light and sound technicians and makeup artists.

The idea was supported by Mr. Jordan Maas and Mr. Diego Zaragoza and with the help of Mr. Juvenal López, parents were able to produce the play, keeping their rehearsals and meetings utterly secret to take students by surprise on the day of the show. After months of rehearsing, the show was finally disclosed to the public and family, friends, teachers, students and staff were invited to attend one of the four shows.

Going backstage is enough to see how much work really goes into this kind of production. From beautifully confectioned wardrobes and props, to carefully coordinated spot lights and gleaming black lights, the parents thought of it all!

What made the play unique this year was an extra revelation. As Mr. Paul Williams will be retiring in a few months, these parents planned a special surprise to say farewell!

Once again, parents were true role models of the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams come true, and a big reminder of the wonderful community that we are!

Last but not least we would like to give special thanks to Teru, Hugo and Manuel, FAC impressive staff for their huge support, patience and guidance, as well as to Andrea Legorreta, Sharon Fastlicht, Maquillaje By Apple and Telas Bayón.

And, last but not least, here's the awesome video that parents put together as a loving surprise for Mr. Paul Williams, which was featured in the play:

Below is the full list of cast and crew.