Our Founders' Spirit Comes to Life

Today, 95 years ago, The American School Foundation's first cornerstone was laid on the intersection between San Luis Potosí and Insurgentes Street in Colonia Roma. After the school was relocated, the original cornerstone was moved to the Founders' Garden on our current campus, where it can be appreciated up to today.

Every year, students, parents, faculty and staff who represent the core values at ASF are recognized with a special award. During this year's celebration, the event took on a special significance, as we are commemorating 130 years since the original founders envisioned the school as we know it now.

Some of the awards from the ceremony

During the ceremony, Frances Huttanus from the Board of Trustees, shared an exciting discovery with the community, paying homage to Samuel Bolling Wright, the American businessman who donated the land our school stands on 130 years later, making him one of the original founders.

Mr. Wright is remembered for being a selfless, inspiring man, who marked the lives of many. An excerpt from Reader's Digest, Nov. 1952, reads, "Becoming president of the (ASF) board, he persuaded his fellow members to increase the tuition, buy new equipment, hire new teachers and raise salaries. In a few years, the school was out of debt. Wright then raised $300,000, went into debt personally for another $200,000 and put up a new building on the outskirts of the city," referring to the previous location on San Luis Potosí.

A round of applause for the winners marked the end of this inspiring ceremony, which is an important part of Founder's Day. However, the whole day represents a memorable event. We invite you to keep an eye out for our next edition of Focus Magazine, where we will speak about the celebration in depth.

Also, please take a look at the extract from Reader's Digest, Nov. 1952, kindly provided by Ms. Huttanus: