Our ASF Talks Wowed the Audience!

ASF Talks celebrated its 7th edition last night, in an exciting and engaging event that brought our community together.

Guests poured into the FAC lobby to reconnect, enjoy a glass of wine and a selection of snacks and observe a photo exhibition by José Manuel Zardain (’05) before heading into the theater for the actual Talks at 7:00 p.m.

Master of ceremonies, Ricardo Fastlicht (’93) welcomed the audience and let the speakers jump right into it, as there was so much to talk about in so little time!

José Manuel Zardain ('05) kicked off the night, with a powerful account of how he had it all, lost it all and rebuilt it all, only to discover that money didn't make him happy, which led him to quit his job at the peak of his career to travel the world and reconnect with his passion for photography.

A heated panel about the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana followed, moderated by Ana María Salazar, and featuring guest speakers, Alejandro Madrazo Lajous ('96), Armando Santacuz, Gerardo Rodríguez, and Rosa Corzo. (Read their full bios here) During the insightful conversation, the panelists exchanged radically different points of view on the subject, although they all agreed that education is a key factor in how we approach the subject. 

After the panel, MS Dean of Students, David García-Prats gave a refreshing talk about his experience growing up in a family of 10 brothers, and the challenges and wisdom he has gained along the way, as part of this unique and unconventional family.

Fernando Rovzar ('98) and Francisco Ramos ('86) followed, giving a panorama of their careers in the Mexican Film industry. They spoke about how it has gained credibility over the past years, and how Netflix allows Mexican TV to reach hundreds of countries worldwide. They spoke about the importance of portraying our history on-screen and highlighted the powerful civilizations that inhabited our country way before the Spaniards. Definitely a story worth telling!

Finally, Sabina Saldaña Olper ('14) talked about living with cancer and the many lessons she learned over the past four years, regarding her friends, her family, her life and the disease itself. She highlighted the fact that a diagnosis doesn't define someone as a person, it is only an experience that allows you to treasure all the great things in life.

After the talks, guests enjoyed complimentary food and drinks by the event sponsors Puntarena, Dulces Enchilados by Nathalia Moreno, Tres Eles, Porco Rosso and Buna and relaxed in an informal setting among friends.

We would like to give special thanks to all the School teams which made this event happen, as well as to the sponsors who looked out for our guests and made ASF Talks an amazing night!