Meet the new members of the National Junior Honor Society

On May 9, the Middle School administration presented and welcomed the new members of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) in a ceremony held in the MS Agora, where their parents were invited to celebrate their accomplishments.

What is the National Junior Honor Society?

  • It is a national organization to recognize individual student academic achievement founded in 1929.
  • Members of the NJHS participate in community-building and social activities that make our environment and culture better.
  • The five pillars of the NJHS include scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.

This new chapter of the NJHS is called Tlamatini, nahuatl for “wise person”, and here below is a list of the new inductees:

  1. Alan Kracer
  2. Andrés Leal
  3. Carolina Gomes Fenton
  4. Constanza Nuncio
  5. Daniel Kerber
  6. Federico Toro
  7. Jieun Yu
  8. Joanny Narváez
  9. Marco Muñoz
  10. Matteo Capelaro
  11. Alexandra Anabitarte
  12. Danna Rebon
  13. Isabelle Colorado
  14. Josué León-Penilla
  15. Kobie Torgesen
  16. Nina Lobo
  17. Pia Phillips
  18. Sofía Márquez
  19. Valentina Jáuregui


They were elected from a draft of 50 candidates!

Congratulations to the 2022 NJHS New Inductees!