Multi-Faceted: Faculty and Staff Share Their Talent

By Patricia Patterson, K-12 Visual Arts Coordinator

Schools are places where people grow. Learning to debate, to answer a tough question, to open up to a new version of the world, are things that our students practice daily, but so do the teachers and staff members of ASF. Our school's culture changes shape with each new academic year. New people arrive, others retire, and it seems that the only thing that remains constant is change. 

This stimulating environment can be exhausting, no matter how much we love our jobs. Teachers and staff members need a way to recuperate that little piece of themselves that gets "gobbled up" everyday at school. All day, we share freely and the students are absorbing all of our experience and wisdom. This exchange is very satisfying, and indeed, a privilege. We watch them grow before our eyes. 

After the school day ends, the workers who teach and care for students seek balance in a good book or yoga, but other times, they just need to make art. The small exhibition that we prepared showed another side of some of the Faculty and Staff of ASF. Visitors and parents saw a range of skills and techniques in this exhibition during Back to School Nights and hopefully learned something new about who we are in addition to the roles we play at school.

The artists participating in this exhibition:

  • Magy Álvarez
  • Sean Buckley
  • Dale Dilworth
  • Manuel Fagoaga
  • Gregory Fairbank
  • Eduardo García
  • Manuel Hernández
  • Melannie Hurtado
  • Mollie Lipe-Taylor
  • Juan Antonio Pacheco
  • Patricia Patterson
  • Leonardo Trias

And here are some photos from the exhibition: