Juan Pablo Villalobos at ASF

Mexican author, Juan Pablo Villalobos, visited the ASF Upper School Learning Center (Library) and engaged in a conversation with Spanish and Literature teacher, Juan Antonio Pacheco, with Upper School students as attendees. One of the many topics discussed was his novel, No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea, (I am not going to ask anyone to believe me), published in 2015.

Juan Pablo is the author of the novel Fiesta en la Madriguera (Anagrama, 2010, whose English translation, Down the Rabbit Hole, was a finalist in the First Book Award of the London newspaper The Guardian), Si viviéramos en un lugar normal (If we lived in a normal place) (Anagrama, 2012), No estilo de Jalisco, (No Jalisco style) (Realejo / Bateia, 2014, written in Portuguese and published only in Brazil to commemorate the World Cup), Te vendo un perro (I’ll sell you a dog) (Anagrama, 2014) and No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea, (I am not going to ask anyone to believe me) (Anagrama, 2016, Herralde Novel Award)

His work has been translated and published in 14 countries: The United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Japan, Turkey and Israel (and is being published in Russia and Iceland). His first two novels were adapted to the theater and represented in Brazil. He is a contributor to various media, including: Letras Libres, Gatopardo, Granta, O Estado de São Paulo and the English Pen and Companhia das Letras blogs.

After his talk with students, Juan Pablo shared some of his experiences with parents belonging to the Parent Association Book Clubs and signed books for the public. Javier Campos, Upper School Library Clerk expressed, “hosting this type of event on campus is very important as it allows us to bring different types of creators into our community, who we know have an interest in different forms of art, which helps enrich our students’ learning experience.”