Students from all around the world celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day at ASF!

At ASF, we take the national parties as a serious matter… and our celebrations rose up to the occasion!

All students, from K1 to Grade 12, from Mexico to Korea, celebrated one of Mexico’s main parties: Independence Day. This is how we celebrated!

After the ECC students carried out the “Honores a la Bandera” they sang the Mexican and American Anthem together. The students finished the celebration by seeing a short play that teachers prepared for them, which taught students about the independence. They finished with the traditional Grito: “Viva Mexico!”.

Lower School students celebrated at our Fine Arts Center. They sang together, danced together, and witnessed the exciting performance of the Ballet Folklórico Tlatoani, which was truly an unforgettable experience. Everything finished with a sweet treat sponsored by the Parents Association. 

At Middle School, students were congregated at the Patio where Grade 7 Teacher, Hugo Salcedo, reflected upon the true meaning of being independent, and encouraged students to join him in this reflection. After “El Grito”, all students celebrated with traditional hot chocolate and churros.

Finally, the Upper School celebrated with a concert performed by ASF’s band members and choir. They rendered a beautiful performance of the classic Mexican song “La Llorona”, among other traditional songs. For lunch, besides churros and hot chocolate, students had a mouthwatering, elote-eating contest.


Thank you, everyone, for your participation in the most important Mexican Party!

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