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Grade 3 Brings Joy to La Gaviota

Written and submitted by 3F, 3G, and Ms. Angel.

In our collaboration for Service Learning at ASF, Mr. Diego Zaragoza Tejas, Director of Academic Affairs stated, “Part of our mission at ASF is to work together to develop our students into responsible, contributing citizens of the world and to ensure that the IB Learner Profile permeates down to their actions.” Therefore, it is grade 3 students’ pleasure to share a Service Learning Project that has been going strong for the past three years.

Many of our grade 3 students and their teachers have had the opportunity and privilege to foster a partnership with La Gaviota during these past three years through Service Learning. La Gaviota is a pre-school in our neighborhood located only 10 minutes from ASF that serves both a general student and special needs population.

By the end of the 2018-19 school year, Ms Emily, Mr. Matt, Ms. Paty and Ms Tiz’s third grade classes with facilitation from Ms. Angel will have visited La Gaviota three times per class. Something new this year was that La Gaviota visited ASF on February 14, 2019. We thought it was the most appropriate day to celebrate our friendships.

Here are our students’ reflections about their experiences with La Gaviota:

Going to La Gaviota is the best because you get to choose a buddy, make cool stuff like masks and rain sticks, and learn a lot of things. We also teach them interesting things that we are learning about in school. Every time we see our buddies we all smile because we’re happy to be together!

We have learned from our buddies that no matter what you look like on the outside the heart is the only thing that matters. We have learned that even though some of them have disabilities they are kids just like us. We have learned to respect people with disabilities and not make fun of them. We also learned that we don’t have to help our buddies with everything because they also have to be independent.

My buddy can’t speak, but it makes me so happy because I make him smile and laugh, and he makes me smile and laugh.

We brainstormed what we could do to make our buddies’ visit to ASF really special. We decided to make heart-shaped pillows. Therefore, Ms. Emily taught us how to sew and Mr. Matt worked with us to figure out how much material we needed to make the pillows.

These were our reasons why we wanted to make heart shaped pillows for our buddies and we shared the reasons with them during their visit:

We want you know that you’re our friends.

We want you to be comfortable.

We want you to remember us when we go to grade 4.

We want to make you happy.

We want to show our love.

During their visit, we were entertained by an engaging storyteller, thanks to the support of our Parent Association. We made friendship puppets too.

We also had fun posing for pictures together! La Gaviota students said, “We liked the stories and we liked being with our friends.”

We recommend that everyone be part of a Service Learning project. It’s fun, you learn new things, and it makes you be your best self.