Gold for Repentino magazine!

Repentino magazine, edited by Upper School students, received a Gold Crown from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA)! This is a great achievement for the over 20 students who are behind this iconic ASF publication.

The Gold Crown was obtained in the category of High School Print Literary Magazine and was awarded to the Vol. 9: The Trans Edit of the Repentino magazine.

According to CSPA, "Repentino radiates a barely controlled energy, evident in the enthusiasm and forward drive of the writing and in the electric colors of the graphic elements, particularly in the front and back of the magazine. The work here reflects the excitement of creation, tempered by the knowledge of the craft that the editors and staff have clearly exhibited. The enthusiasm of the creative process never gets out of hand, and yet still makes the pages of the magazine feel alive and exciting, proceeding at an unrelenting pace. The typography, in particular, carries this balance of energy and control."

Repentino's current crew members

As part of the Upper School clubs, Repentino conveys the work and vision of several ASF students who, with the guidance of one or more faculty sponsors, get to develop a printed piece of art featuring stories and ideas that add up for an outstanding work of literature.

If you would like to receive a copy of Volume 9: The Trans Edit or submit to Volume 10: Aftermath, please email You can also listen to Repentino's podcast and learn more by visiting