Putting Glass Recycling on the Agenda: ASF Sustainability

Putting Glass Recycling on the Agenda: ASF Sustainability

With information from Lorenzo Steinacher (Grade 11) and José Carlos Alaniz (Sustainability Coordinator).

Did you know that only 12% of all glass is recycled in Mexico?

Apparently, recycling glass is not part of the agenda for Mexican Public and Private industries because it is not very profitable or beneficial at a business level. 

Glass takes thousands of years to decompose in the environment, and, for this reason, ASF’s Sustainability Coordination has created a new project to encourage all of us to make a change in regard to this situation.

The Glassify Club has created a new glass-cutting project to give glass recyclables a new purpose and objective. This process is also known as upcycling, one of the many challenges addressed in the framework of the circular economy. 

“The idea is to collect glass from the “waste” of our School’s Community and recycle it by transforming it into recipients or objects that can be used at home”, says Lorenzo Steinacherb (Grade 11), President of the Glass Cutting Club, “ Glass can be recycled easily, but we really don’t do it. We need to focus and reduce glass waste”.

Seven students, 12 Parents from the Sustainability Committee and 6 adults and Teachers attended a workshop created in collaboration with “Cerrando El Ciclo”, a company focused on sustainability, where they learned to cut glass. Each Parent paid for their own spot in the workshop and made a donation so that a student could do so as well. 

“The objective of the Club is to see the glass as a long-term resource”, says Sustainability Coordinator, José Carlos Alaniz “we can turn glass into an innovative object, a creative object that we can use at the office or at home for the rest of our lives”.

We, as a Community, need to support these Clubs in order to make a change. It may seem like a small action, but it goes a long way!

Don’t hesitate to bring your glass for recycling during the monthly Recyclathon on campus, and if you are interested, join the glass-cutting club!

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