Frances Huttanus, from the Board of Trustees, is Honored!

On February 22, the American Benevolent Society honored one of our own at the US Ambassador's residence!

The American Benevolent Society is one of Mexico's first philanthropic organizations, celebrating 150 years of community service, with Americans helping others with medical, financial, legal, psychological and other needs; in addition bringing together the English speaking communities in Mexico City.

On their 150 Anniversary, Frances Huttanus, a current member of the Board of Trustees, received the Herb Wallace Lifelong Community Service Award, for her tireless efforts to help Americans in need.

Frances has also been a valued member of at the American School Foundation community for over 40 years, starting as a student teacher, then as a parent, member of the PA association, and coordinator of the Art Fair.

Frances' vision and leadership brought many programs to ASF that we would not have without her, including SAS-Services for Academic Success, our incredible scholarship program and the Endowment Fund for Financial Aid.

Our beautiful Ángeles Espinosa Yglesias Fine Arts Center and Wellness Center were built only thanks to generous contributions she raised, given the faith and trust donors have in her, and her personal promise to oversee those projects and the list goes on...

Frances Huttanus gives so much to ASF and so much to the American Community in Mexico.We are so proud and honored to have Frances as an important leader and volunteer in our ASF community.

Congratulations, Frances!