135th Anniversary: Founders' Awards and Celebration

135th Anniversary: Founders' Awards and Celebration

This 2023, ASF is celebrating 135 years of its mission by remembering those who founded the School, but also those who are yet to come.

In the Executive Director, Mr. Mark Sylte's, words: 

"We're thankful to those who began the school, but also those along the way and those who will continue after we are gone"... because they all played a part in building this Institution.

Having moved the campus several times throughout these 135 years, the School still stands with a thriving Community. We take what we inherited from our Founders and those who came before and pass it on to others.

This very important day started with the traditional Awards that recognize members of Faculty and Staff who have embodied ASF's main values. Here's the list of winners: 

  • ECC
    •  Cummings Award 
    •  Orrin Award 
  •  LS Student Council of 2022-2023
    • Cain Award
  • Julia López Negrete 
    • Clifton Award
  • Alexandra Ugalde Bryan
    • Files Award
  • Valeria Bross
    • Davis Award
  • Alejandro Esquivel
    • Wright Award         
  • María Fernanda Rex
    •    Parent Award
  • Martín Morales Rodríguez
    • Faculty Award
  • Marianne Hudson Moreno
    • Staff Award
  • Lynnette Rivera Pesquera
    • I.A. Award 

After that, the Athletics team and the Upper School hosted a Basketball game between Students and Faculty and Staff in what turned out to be a very even and fun match.

Finally, the Parents Association gave out popsicles to all Students. This way, they continued making this a very delicious and cheerful day for everyone.

Thank you to every single one of you who is part of our beloved Bear Community! And do not forget to check out the photo gallery of Founders Day below.