Family Fall Workshops at ASF

By Carrie Haugh, K3 Counselor

“If you can change your narrative, you can change your destiny.” 

- James Baldwin

We had a very successful week of five different workshops focusing on the theme of “Changing our Narratives”. It was great to feel a deeper sense of community by having families from all divisions come together to discuss how we can “change narratives” or stories that no longer serve us. These stories come from our society, culture, and families, and have been told to us from a young age. 

Vicky Stacy kicked off the week with Mindful Parenting, a workshop teaching mindfulness techniques for calming down, being present, and connecting with our children and ourselves.

Pepe Zaga and Vivian Blair taught us how to connect to our heart’s intelligence and use methods to help with daily stress and anxiety with Heart Math. 

Our keynote speaker was Uchechi Kalu, who helped us connect with one another and within ourselves, with a deep understanding of how changing the stories we have told ourselves and those we have inherited no longer serve us.  We explored who we really are, who we pretend to be, and how these stories we have been handed down affect how we see ourselves in the world and how we connect with our children and students. 

Kimberly Traw walked us through valuable information about sensory processing, and how it affects our behavior and the way people see us. It was extremely eye-opening to look at how we all process things differently as individuals, and how we can all progress and develop our full potential, using a holistic approach. 

We finished the week with an engaging discussion and look at gender equality, stereotypes, and roles with Regina Tames. “Beyond Pink and Blue” helped us look at gender roles through the lens of the boxes we are placed in as “men” and “women”, We discussed where these restrictive ideas about gender come from, and looked at how we can change the narrative in order to create more equality for future generations.

A special thanks to Erin Trautman and the ECC team for coordinating and hosting the talks, our incredible workshop participants, the Communications Office, the Parent Association, OIT/Technical support, and of course, the fabulous families that came and contributed with their presence and openness.

As you begin another week (or return to your lives), please take some time to reflect on the lessons you learned from last week’s workshops. We hope last week gave you new tools to help you with your personal and/or professional journey. Thank you all for contributing to another great week of events at ASF.