Eco-engineering for a Better Tomorrow

The 2018 Junior Eco Engineering Academy was held by Samsung in South Korea from August 7 to 9. A total of 20 students from 12 countries, attended. Among them was Stanislaw Ostyk Narbutt, a then-grade 8 student from ASF, who was selected thanks to a video, relating eco-engineering to space travel. Stan, who has just entered the Upper School, tells us about his trip:

What is the Junior Engineering Academy?

The Junior Engineering Academy is an event sponsored by Samsung to bring together people from all over the world, inviting them to share ideas and perspectives about the future of eco-engineering and the future of the environment.

Why are you interested in eco-engineering?

Travelling to South Korea was a great experience, but the Academy itself was what interested me most. It was really interesting to see how people from different cultures all impact the environment in very different ways… for instance, people from Malaysia have very different problems from people here in Mexico. The Junior Engineering Academy really put all of this in perspective, showing how the entire world matters, and how environmental issues go beyond any particular country.

How were you selected for the Academy?

The Junior Engineering Academy is open for anyone to apply. To do so, you must submit a video, explaining why you are interested and how the Academy relates to you, along with a resume.

What was the theme of your video?

I basically just climbed up a tree and started talking about how I really want to go to space someday… It wasn’t that much of a scientific video, it was just me talking about using eco-engineering as a part of space exploration which would be beneficial.

And why do you want to go to space?

I’m interested in general exploration, which was also one of the reasons that I loved travelling to South Korea, because meeting new people and new cultures in an entirely new place was really interesting to me. No one in my family had ever travelled to Asia, so it was an amazing experience.

Why do you consider eco-engineering and the environment are important themes?

The way I see it, you are either helping out through eco-engineering or you’re doing something bad to the world. All my life I’ve been aware of the negative impact we have on the environment. When you take this into consideration, you realize how every day we’re using more plastic and doing more things that pollute the Earth. Either we help out and do something to support positive change or we just make things worse.

Supporting the environment is really important, as well as realizing that there is no neutral side to the way we live.

How are you making a difference in the world?

So far, the only difference I’ve made in the world is using plastic and creating trash which will end up in the ocean at some point… That’s the sort of difference most people are making right now but I’m really trying to change this, especially in my future. I don’t know if I can necessarily make things better, but at least I can avoid making things worse.  

How has ASF contributed to this perspective?

ASF has really given me a new perspective because if it weren’t for the school, I’d never heard of this trip to Korea and I wouldn’t know any aspects of eco-engineering itself. ASF has so many extracurricular activities to offer, which creates a more open perspective of the world.