An Adorable Tradition: Painting the Famous ECC Turtle

An Adorable Tradition: Painting the Famous ECC Turtle

With information from Marilyn Buckvold,  Beatriz Ramírez and Mariana Veytia.

The Turtle was an art project back in the early 70's and it was made by Students in Upper School back then.

Today, the Turtle is such an iconic and special part of the ECC experience. The Turtle is the first thing students see when they enter our School, and they often play or have lunch in the Turtle Patio. 

Every few years, the Turtle needs a touch-up of paint. Ms. Buckvold, ECC Teacher, painted it with her former students in September 2019, and this is the second time she’s done this project with them. Students got to choose the design a bit. Students were given a blank "Color Me!" paper in which they could add their own design

All students in the ECC (K1, K2 and K3) got a chance to add their mark to the Turtle this time around. Additionally, NAHS (National Art Honor Society) students are helping our ECC students in the process.

In addition, all ECC students are in the process of making a small ceramic Turtle, and they will make another Turtle using recycled materials in the ECC Makerspace/Sandbox. 

Be on the lookout for the Turtle Inauguration Party!