Community Service during COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, our community has been hard at work trying to make a meaningful difference during the pandemic. Whether by donating time, talent or treasure, our ASF Bears have proven once more, that we are a kind and caring community and that we go beyond our way to support each other while inspiring others to do the same!

Read on, as we share some different examples of how our community is helping during the pandemic: 

Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM Makers), is a global movement of communities that create and distribute low-cost solutions to help people with disabilities, the elderly and the poor. There are 67 communities globally, more than 5000 members and more than 500 projects regarding COVID-19.

“I was contacted from the TOM Mexico division, who needed specific help designing and producing respirator attachments and masks. Splitter Y for respirators is the star project, because the model was designed from the beginning (it was not copied from anywhere), it was tested in hospitals, and now the community is manufacturing 1,000. TOM Mexico obtained funding for certain makers for material, but 80% is a donation from various makers, designers, doctors and engineers in Mexico,” shared Marvin Nahmias, ASF dad.

“My son John (grade 7) and I are makers, he is helping me to print the respirator attachments, while I work on the design, and operate the volunteer site that runs the control, the collection centers, and the channeling of efforts. Volunteering allows our children to learn about what this implies in terms of time, help and unmatched personal satisfaction,” shared Marvin.

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Below you will find a list of free services offered by our community. Please feel free to visit their profiles and accounts and to reach out directly to them if you’d like to use their services or join their online classes. 

We also encourage you to help the list grow! If you are a teacher, parent, student from our community and would like to be featured in this note, please email with your information, so that we can add you.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who is offering their support during these uncertain times. We feel so proud of the Bear Spirit that makes ASF such a wonderful community. Go Bears!


Cultural Promotion


WhatsApp: 5523000929

Dance Core

Instagram: @dancecoremx

Dental Consultations (Virtual)

Instagram: @abcdentalgroup

Facebook: ABCD Dental Group

Espacio Kentro

Instagram: @espaciokentro

Heart Math

Instagram: @pepezagahm

Facebook: @pepezagahm


Instagram: @pltstudio


Rutina FAR (Fuerza, Agilidad y Rapidez)


Instagram: @centrobalance22

Facebook: centrobalance22