Canadian Ambassador, Pierre Alarie Visits ASF

The Inter-Scholar ASFMUN Conference is the first in almost 20 years to open its doors to other schools as an academically rigorous simulation program of the United Nations.

We had students come from Colegio Hebreo Tarbut, Colegio Merici, Peterson School, Peterson College, Colegio Atid, and Lancaster School, with over 60 delegates participating from across the city, and around 50 ASF students showcasing their tremendous diplomacy skills.

The Canadian Ambassador, Mr. Pierre Alarie, joined us to talk about his own career choices and convince students to not be afraid of change but to truly embrace it, not only in business-related scenarios but in our daily experiences too. Furthermore, Mr. Alarie briefly described the discrepancies, diplomatic measures, and negotiation of the multiple agreements currently in discussion among Mexico, the United States and Canada, ultimately explaining that his job mostly serves to interpret what is meant rather than what is said when engaging in multi-lateral trade.

Overall, the conference was extremely successful. Multiple resolutions were passed on the topics of clergy abuse, sustainable execution of world events, drone technology, education, foreign intervention in electoral processes, freedom of assembly, and the protection of heritage sites in conflict zones, but most importantly, all students left with a smile and an eagerness to come back and participate next year.