Building community through a play

Some are professionals and some are amateurs, but what a group of LS parents have in common is the great enthusiasm and commitment they put behind the Peter Pan musical. For the second year, parents put together a play for ECC and Lower School students as a surprise to celebrate Children's Day, demonstrating that our community can produce great things when diverse talents get together.

"We created this initiative last year with Ms. Tara and this time we had full support from Mr. Diego," says Andrea Legorreta, Production Manager. "Claudia (Olivares) and I are very thrilled to work with other parents who donate their time, talent and love for the school and for our children."

Nearly 90 parents were involved in the play in different roles, from singers and actors to script writers, set and graphic designers, light and sound technicians and makeup artists.

Marie Maza, mother of Ana (grade 4) and Pedro (grade 1), played Mowgli in last year's production of The Jungle Book. "After being part of this wonderful group of parents last year, I couldn't miss on the opportunity to do it again," she says. This year Marie again played the main role as Peter Pan. "The dedication, love, selflessness and good vibes during the many hours that go into this production make this a gift, not only for our kids but for each member of the ASF community, especially us involved."

Also participating for the second time is Marcela Pino, mother of Tamara (grade 3) and Matías (grade 1), who played Hook. She says that all ASF activities help build community but particularly the LS parent play requires such an amount of time and interaction, that people create strong and profound bonds. "We would also like to show our children that they should participate and be risk takers," says Marcela. "If we can give this example to our kids, it will be a very valuable lesson for their lives."

The process was not easy and required much effort and time, but the outcome was fabulous and the audience saw a play of professional quality. Most importantly, the children saw the results of real team work, collaboration and risk-taking within a community that is getting stronger every day.

Here is the full cast and crew: