Athletic Excellence and Sportsmanship Award Gala

On May 23, 2019, the Bear Boosters held their annual Athletic Excellence and Sportsmanship Award Gala to recognize the school's exceptional athletes. Continuing with tradition, the female and male athletes of the year will be honored on the wall of fame.

This year there was an added surprise for attendees, as the winning logo created by MS student, María Fernanda Chelala Ortega during the student contest organized by the Bear Boosters was unveiled. From now on, you will see the bear in MS, US and particularly at athletic events. Congratulations to the winning student, this is undoubtedly an impressive feat to add to her personal portfolio!

See below a photo gallery of the event and some photos of the new Athletics Bear logo:

MS Student, María Fernanda Chelala

The winning drawing upon the new Athletics Bear was designed