The JV Basketball Team Brings Home First Place: ASOMEX Tournament

Information from team family members: Verónica Aguilar, and Clemen Peñaloza.

ASF won First Place in the JV ASOMEX Tournament which was held in Guadalajara from May 5 to 9, after beating the Colegio Inglés de Monterrey in the finals.

What’s relevant…

This is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that ASF wins this tournament in First Place. They played against 9 different teams and won every single match by more than 10 points! 

What is even MORE relevant…

The JV team is formed mostly by international students! There are only two Mexican players and the rest of them belong to different nationalities. 

Besides, the JV Basketball team trains from Monday to Thursday, for at least two hours each day and, sometimes, they do morning practice, from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.

This is a lot of hard work!

Meet the team

  • Antolinez Christian Grade 8 #77 - USA
  • Arellano Alejandro (Alec) Grade 9 #34 - Mexico
  • Flores Pablo Grade 9 #5 - Mexico/US/Spain
  • García Rodrigo Grade 8 #24 - Mexico/Panamá
  • Gutiérrez Santiago Grade 9 #29 -Colombia
  • Moran John Patrick Grade 9 #4 - USA
  • Loutensock Noah Grade 9 #23 - USA
  • Pico de la Mata Sergio Grade 8 #52 - Spain
  • Rivera Díaz Ian Sebastián Grade 10 #0 - USA
  • Salcedo Joaquín Patricio Grade 9 #59 - US/Italian
  • Murrmann Kent (Nick) Grade 9 #32 - USA/ Gabon
  • Öunap Leon Grade 9 #1 - Finland

Congratulations to them and to their incredible coaches, Jeovanni Lara, Isaac Rosas y Óscar Ramírez.



For all your effort and great performance, ASF is very proud of the JV Basketball Team.

Go Bears!