ASF Forever 2023 Reunion: Once a Bear, Always a Bear

ASF Forever 2023 Reunion: Once a Bear, Always a Bear

Last March 14th, we had the honor of hosting a reunion for ASF Forever created 15 years ago, which consists of former Faculty and Staff. This was part of the celebration for the 135 Anniversary of our School. The purpose of ASF Forever is to give the opportunity to former beloved employees of coming back home and reunite after so many years.

This year, we hosted a reunion for almost 70 former employees who worked at our School. The event included a delicious breakfast with a heartfelt speech from our Executive Director, Mark Sylte, and the Director of Human Capital, Elisa Penela.

This was also the first opportunity they had of visiting their campus after the COVID pandemic forced the School to close its doors. The Alumni Association offered them guided tours so that they could witness the changes that our campus has undergone during their absence.

Once again, we are proof of what it means to be a strong Community. Thank you to everyone who attended.

See the photo gallery below. Do you recognize anybody? Do you see your former colleagues or teachers?

You can also download the pictures here.